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At Hicks Lawn and Landscape, our Landscape Cleanup Program is designed to keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine throughout the year. We understand the importance of maintaining the health and appearance of your mulch and flower beds, not only for aesthetics but for the overall health of your landscaping.

It includes two comprehensive cleanups annually, a single mulch application to keep beds fresh, and six maintenance visits to ensure your landscape remains impeccable between major cleanups. Opting for our annual program means less overgrowth, reduced costs, and a consistently beautiful landscape that saves you money over time.

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Landscape Clean Up

Our Landscape Clean Up service is designed to refresh and revitalize your outdoor space, removing any debris, dead plants, and unwanted elements that can detract from the beauty of your property.

Bed Maintenance

Healthy and neat plant beds are crucial for an attractive landscape. Our Bed Maintenance service includes the removal of weeds, pruning of plants, and ensuring that the soil is healthy and aerated.

Weed Control

Unwanted plants can overrun your garden and lawn, competing with your desired plants for nutrients, water, and light. Our service uses environmentally friendly methods to eliminate weeds from your lawn and garden beds.

Leaf Clean Up

Fallen leaves can smother your lawn, block sunlight, and promote disease if not properly managed. We ensure that your property remains tidy and your grass healthy. Removing leaves in the fall and at any time of year when necessary helps to prevent pests and disease.

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Celebrate the holiday season without the hassle of untangling lights and climbing ladders. Enjoy the magic of the season with a professionally lit home that stands out and delights.


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